Companies Are Going For Animated Holiday Cards for Business

Variety is the spice of life and greeting cards come in various varieties. In today’s world, instead of going for costly customized cards, one of the best ways to cut down on the expenditure is by going for online animated holiday cards for wishing old as well as prospective clients, business associates, and investors. Going for animated holiday cards for business, can be great for organizations in terms of being cost-effective and also for being easy to use i.e., they are very easy to sent.

Holiday card is an illustrated piece of a greeting card that can be used to convey thanks or express any feelings. Holiday season be it Christmas or Easter or Thanksgiving is the time of fun and merriment with near and dear ones. For businesses, it offers a great opportunity to stay in touch with clients or customers and show them that they are cared.

Are you contemplating on sending electronic holiday cards to your business associates this year? Well, then it’s a great idea. In this competitive world, where each day a new form of greeting card is coming up, a traditional paper holiday card has a less chance to survive and make it to the top slot.

Let’s take a look why an animated holiday card is getting popular over the traditional holiday cards.

No Need to Hurry

A paper greeting card can take a lot of time to arrive. In order the recipients received it on time it was needed into be dispatched in advance. However, with animated holiday cards there is no such thing; it can be sent just a day before the holiday season. Mostly being eCards, recipients would receive it on time.

Personalized Wishes


Make sure to choose a card that can present your message in a perfect manner. What can be better than an animated holiday card wishing you a ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Prosperous New Year’?  With the animated cards, it becomes easy for the business houses to share their thoughts.

Going Environment Friendly

If you want to set a good example, you can go for e-cards. Going for eCards or animated holiday cards for businesses can easily reflect the fact that you care for the environment. Instead of going for the traditional paper card you prefer to choose non-paper cards that would not land up in the trash after the holiday season.

Sending personalized business holidays cards to office staffs’ or business associate or investors; can be a great way to express gratitude and for building a long lasting relationship.


Advantages of Sending Ecard Business Card for Business Relations

Ecard business card is a great tool for relationship building and marketing campaigns. They promote business relations and add a human touch to the corporate world. They are also affordable and do not take a toll on the budget of the company unlike traditional paper cards. There are a lot of other reasons as to why they are currently preferred over normal cards. Some of the many reasons are discussed in details below.


Unlike traditional paper cards that take a lot of time to reach the directed individual after it leaves your desk, ecard business card are more time efficient as they are just a click away to get delivered. So even if you are late or remember to wish your client a happy birthday in the middle of the day, you can send the wishes via an ecard easily without even letting them know that you had actually forgot. It’s as simple as that.


This is the best advantage that you get from an e card. Traditional ecards don’t give you the freedom of personalization as they are already printed and contain very specific messages about whatever event they concern, without giving you any scope of changing anything. However, with ecards, you can add messages and notes and customize them according to your needs and preference. There is a lot of room for customization with business Christmas ecards.


Business Christmas ecards can be easily directed to clients to make them feel like the card had been particularly sent for them. However, it is advised to not send the same cards to all your clients as that might create a sense of being generalized in your clients. Targeting e cards to specific clients help in building stronger business relations and mutual trust among clients and yourself.

Environmental Friendly

One of the biggest advantages of ecards in today’s world is its environment friendliness. With the mantra of reuse, reduce and recycle becoming more and more popular, what you can do from your end is stop the use of traditional paper cards that promote significant wastage of paper and shift to using ecards which is an environmental friendly option.


Here are some of the most beneficial advantages of ecards over traditional paper cards. Get acquainted with using these to not only create or strengthen your corporate bonds but also to save the nature at the same time. Also, get added advantages like customization and speediness. Use ecards for the win.

Advantages of Holiday Cards for Business With Logo Over Paper Cards

Holiday cards for business with logo are becoming popular day by day, as they are an excellent way to connect to business peers and customers in a more effective way. For businesses that are still dependent on paper cards to reach their clients, they might want to reconsider after knowing the advantages that ecards have over traditional paper cards. Here are a few of the conveniences that ecards provide.


Business Holiday Cards with Logo Are More Cost Effective

Sending out paper cards in large amounts is not only a tedious task but is also not at all cost effective. They are also a lot more time consuming. Sending out traditional paper cards require additional costs such as printing, engraving company logos, assembling your staff to sit down and proof read each card, pay for posting, etc.

On the other hand, business holiday cards with logo reach your recipients in just a click. Not only that, they can be customized, designed in advance, can be edited any time before sending, and are a lot more cost effective.

Ecards Are the Modern Way of Communication


As the world of communication is changing rapidly, a lot of our activities have increased online due to the growing popularity of social media. The business world has greatly benefited from this as it is not only the cheapest advertising source presently but also a great platform for communication.

Going with the trend and ditching the traditional method of sending out printed cards for good, holiday cards for business with logo have now become the new form of greetings and communication.

Ecards Are More Environment Friendly

It’s not only an obligation but also the duty of businesses to reduce the carbon footprint, to make the world a cleaner place to live in. Printed cards not only cost more but also account for paper wastage, petrol consumption to get them delivered and thus leave behind a huge amount of carbon footprint. Business holiday cards with logo on the other hand are a lot more convenient option and are far more environmental friendly than hard copy cards.

Ecards Are a More Flexible Way to Send Greetings

Business ecards are a highly flexible option over printed cards. They can be customized according to your brand and preferences and you get to even say a little something about your business, which you cannot in case of a printed card.

There are various other advantages of ecards over printed cards for your business. They are hassle free and fast. It’s high time for businesses to shift to using ecards instead of hard copy paper cards, thus opting for the sensible option.

Impress Your Customers with Christmas Music Ecards

In today’s competitive environment, it is very important for the business houses to be very presentable. Business houses are always trying to impress their old as well as new customers.  They try to impress the customers in order to get more business leads and also for creating a good bond with the customers. For creating a special bond, nowadays, business houses are often looking out for sending the customer’s e-cards or greetings cards for sharing the various joys and happiness during special events. This helps the customers to feel special and they can take a liking for the business. In many parts of the world, sending Christmas music ecards is a customary thing that is done by the business houses. The cards are the perfect way to show love and spread joy and celebrations with other.
Go For Musical E-cards
What can be more beautiful than a musical e-card? They always hold a special place in a person’s heart. This is because as soon as the recipient opens they card he/she will enjoy the moment with the distinctive music playing in the background. From Birthday to Anniversary to Christmas, all kinds of music e-cards are available in the digital world.
What Is an E-card?
An e-card is a very well known concept nowadays. They are almost similar to the postcards or the greeting cards, but they differentiate in only one aspect i.e. it is a digital card. This means you will not be able to feel it or touch it, rather digitally send it to the customers. The e-cards are available for free or paid from various companies over the Internet. The e-cards are basically needed to be set to the recipients via email. For example, you can send Christmas ecard very easily. You just need to select the name of the recipients.
With consumers and the business houses becoming environment conscious, thus sending e-cards is regarded as the best option. This shows that you are taking care of your environment around you. The Christmas music ecards would be playing Jingle Bells, or the Silent Night or any other music that will let you know that it’s Christmas time. During the long Christmas holidays, nothing can be best than a music. It can help you to get into the holiday mood and spirit.
Selecting and sending a Christmas e card from a reliable company is very easy. Customers just need to select their card and they can customize it with their names and logos. If they are going for paid ones they can easily test them and then send it to the recipients.
Thus, now the customers can have a wide selection of Christmas cards to choose from.

Send Your Greeting This Year Via Corporate Christmas Ecards



If you want to do something different this year for your holiday greetings go for custom holiday ecard. This is a far cry from the typical wishes that everyone is usually accustomed with. The traditional way is also fraught with many problems and often it might so happen that your loved ones do not receive your greetings at all. The cards many get lost in the mail, or it might get delivered to the wrong address. It might get damaged or torn or just simply may not reach on time. There is nothing worse than your heartfelt wishes not reaching your faraway loved ones within the allotted time.

To prevent this problem from happening you should go for ecards. Most of us today are familiar with the concept of internet and all of us have an email address. This type of corporate christmas ecards also come with a volley or creative offerings and possibilities. You can add music, animations, photos, social media links with your messages. These options take your messages to a next level. You can be sure that with these colourfully animated wishes your friends and colleagues will be more than impressed with you.

At B2B cards you will find ecards for all occasions and celebrations. All of them come with unique designs and offerings and they will can give your greetings a new face altogether. You can select and upload your logo, music, photos and links with your message and send it for testing to the expert team for approval. They will carry out the testing and check the feasibility. After it is checked and you place the order, the final finished template will be forwarded to you. You can send that template individually to your friends from your email or you can also send it with mail merge.

If you don’t have the time to send all the greetings yourself, B2B cards will do it on your behalf. They will not charge anything extra for that particular service. Their technically expert team will remove all errors and check for duplicacy before sending it. You can be sure that your greetings will be delivered to the right email address at the absolute right time. They will also provide you will a delivery tracking report that will also show you the recipient’s action. They have products of different pricing listed on their web site. You can choose the one on your requirement and budget.

With Your Colleagues This Year with Corporate Ecards Holiday



Ecards is slowly becoming a very popular method for sending greetings. It is hassle free and it saves a lot of time. You can personalize your card and send it to your friends and colleagues. It is also a eco friendly method as so paper is used in making them. The best part about corporate ecards holiday is that you can customize it yourself and add videos, photos, music and even social media links.

With B2B cards you will find a number of options like ecards for business, Merry Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Anniversary, City Holidays, Global Holidays, Thank You, International, etc. There are two varieties available with them, the animated version and the non animated one.

Sending them to your friends is also simple. Unlike normal greeting cards you do not need to mail them individually to all your friends. You can simply add the email id of the recipients and send them with one click. A lot of your time will be saved and so will your postal charges. There is no risk of the ecards getting lost during delivery. There are no scopes of delay or wrong delivery. You can be sure that your loved ones will get the greeting at the right time.

Customization of the cards is very simple too. You need to upload a logo, apply custom message, add music and social media links. The music and social media links are optional, you may or may not add them. After you are done with customization, you need to send it to B2B Card’s technical team. They will test it and let you know if it is feasible or not. The test versions all work like the final versions, but they include the company watermark.

You can send the ecards to your friends on your own, or the company can send it for you. You can be sure that they will make the delivery on time without any delays. They will not charge any extra fees for it either. You will also be a given a tracking report for your cards. You can be sure that your greetings will reach your loved ones for sure.

Their pricing is also very affordable. You will get great services from them without having to spend a lot of money. They present everything upfront, there is no hidden pricing involved in it. To get a free of cost demonstration you can send your logo to them.

Customize Your Own Corporate Holiday Ecards



Ecards are the latest hassle free way of sending someone your greetings. Their main different from the ordinary cards is that they are sent via the digital media, usually through emails. Sending them is easy and quick and they are more eco friendly than their paper counter parts. They can also be sent to many people at one go and it takes barely any time to reach them. The Ecards are also much more versatile and there are many varieties of them available in the market. You can also customize them and put in your own messages and music.

B2B cards is a company that designs different kinds of business holiday ecards and ecards of other occasions. What makes them a superior choice as compared to others is that the site is completely ad free and you will get the best value for your money with superior quality. B2B cards offers corporate holiday ecards and other occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Invitations, Scenic, Landmarks, Ornaments, Nature, Oceans in animated versions. There are non animated ones available for Fall holidays, Happy Birthday, season’s greetings, international, Merry Christmas, Cities.

The process is also very simple, you just need to custom, save, test , buy and send it to your family or friends. You can upload your company logo, images, your message and even your music in it along with social media links. The music, logo, and web links are optional. You can leave the area blank if you do not want to include them.

You just have to create an account with a valid email id and then download the HTML template to either your email address or to any software. B2B cards also boast a premium delivery service . They use the most advanced technology hence the cards make it to the recipients very fast. Their service includes list management and setting up email templates. They fix the errors, remove and duplicates, check the sending and track whether the delivery process.

This company follows a simple flat rate pricing for their products. You can forward the greetings to as many contacts as you like for one card order. You will not be charged anything extra if you send it. You can also share the link anywhere you wish. So for these holidays send them to your friends, family and colleagues and make the experience uniquely different. Save up on the extra time taken for delivery and send your best wishes to them.

Promote Your Event with Custom Ecards



Custom holiday Ecards


Corporate Christmas ecards are among the custom ecards that are counted as being integral to the promotion of your business. In this age of cut throat competition, having a great product or service is just one of the ways of promoting your company. The more creative your marketing efforts, the more successful your business is. You can actually promote your business in a number of ways than spend a lot of money on it. The custom ecards are one of the best and most powerful ways of delivering your message. An online card which is sent from your company is definitely going to add a lot of meaning and message to the recipient.

The corporate Christmas cards online are created with the help of experienced and skilled designers. These are excellent tools for advertising as they are affordable, personalized and immediate. This is a sort of internet marketing which is very popular and effective. Marketing professionals leave no stone unturned in order to acquire fresh clients and retain the old ones. Client relations are one of the most important responsibilities of a marketing professional. When you are in the field of business, you need to honor and delight your clients with great business endeavors.

Custom ecards help in increasing sales by acquiring fresh clients and ensuring that they stay on. Different websites are available on the internet marketing your ecards. They will offer you innovative corporate invitation templates. Choose the one that is best according to your needs and requirements. If the card is well-designed, it will instantly attract the attention of the client so that they can send these over to the customers. The cards retain the attention of the customer by making them go through it. While sending the cards, there is a whole gallery you can choose from.

You can pamper your clients with the corporate Christmas ecards. Other than the business invitation and anniversary cards, you need to think about festive cards as well. The Christmas cards from your business to your clients are a reminder that you care for your customers and remember them regularly. Making customers feel valued is an important way of making them visit your website again and again. During every holiday and festive season, you are required to drop an attractive online card in their inbox. Clients in fact desire such sorts of communication in business. This is something that cannot be achieved by any other marketing tool.

In every market, you need to think ahead of your competitors. For this reason, businesses come up with innovative marketing strategies and one of them is by sending out these attractive custom ecards during the holiday season. These help in sealing the deal and retaining the amicable relation. Even if you have the best product and service at your disposal, you will need a little pampering to make your customers feel happy and desired. There are a lot of online card makers out there. You need to do thorough research in order to find the best one and start your marketing campaign.